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A Quick Guide to Law


The fundamental requirement of civil society is the ability of the people of the land to follow the rule of law irrespective of their position in society. Most first world countries feel proud of their society upholds the rule of law unlike third world countries most of them being African countries. Therefore these first world countries act as a guide for the third world countries where this is far yet to be achieved.


There always seem to be much order in societies that tend to uphold the rule of law compared to those that don't. The traffic system is always in order, workers are always at their places of work punctually, laws are well manicured and to cup it all the corruption rate is always next to zero.In other terms, these societies always seem perfect and other countries are always envying to be like them most of the time.


All societies always need the rule of law for it to exist. Laws always tend to vary with different societies, but there are always those basic rules that always cuts across the board for all societies. These include peace, justice, and equality.These are always the guiding principles behind any constitution or rules that are laid out for society. It is however regrettable that if a society is more civilized, there tends to be more inequality in the population. This can be seen with evidence of less liberty since there is the wrong implementation of the rule of the land. There also tends to be more injustice. This, therefore, shows that there is always a problem when it comes to the interpretation and implementation of the law. Check this for more info!


There exist two types of laws. Legislation there includes human-made laws and natural laws. Natural laws are those laws that always exist and can be sustained without any human influence or interference, for example, a forest.A forest can support itself without any human effort for plants will grow regardless. However, human-made laws are those formulated by the difference between the two is that for human-made laws, it will require a human effort to sustain it. For example, a backyard garden will require effort and hard work for me to maintain its beauty and also be able to bear fruit. Check out to understand more about lawyers.


It is important for one to be able to understand the rule of lawfully and not just follow it blindly. Most times we tend to follow the latter than following the spirit of the law at hand. Therefore, in any society that you are in, whether first-world or third -world, always uphold the rule of law. Know about Bordas Law here!